45% of search results on Google for ‘How to learn English’ comes from India. If one has to survive in today’s competitive world mastery over the English language is a must. In almost every school across India, English is being taught and students are learning the language. But still this is a massive problem.

Our focus is on schools in non-metropolitan cities and towns in India. Our focus is on those schools where the level of teaching is optimal in other standards but they are still failing to help their students learn English optimally at a level which will make them on par with their metro cousins.

The major problems faced by these schools include:

  • Primary focus on completion of syllabus thus sticking to a theoretical teaching of the subject.
  • Difficulty in obtaining adequate and quality teachers who will be willing to teach in these schools.
  • Lack of training for the teachers on how to inculcate learning habits onto students.
  • Learning environment not ideal for students to practise the English Language
  • Lack of exposure


We at StuManCo are using one of the most revered competitions for school students in the world -

‘The Spelling Bee’ and converting the competition into a thorough learning course and manual for students.

What this means is that we will work with schools throughout the year to help students prepare for Spell Bees. This process in turn will help students automatically develop necessary tools to speak English confidently, learn the nuances of the language and develop the confidence to speak in public and to their peers in English.

We will have our own in-house staff who will interact and teach the students while also having a training program for the English teachers to help make English learning an interactive process, with clear goals on how student improvement needs to be tracked and evaluated.


We selected the pilot city of Malur, a town in Kolar district of Karnataka, 30 km from Bangalore as our first city to introduce this concept initiating with a spell bee competition for the students.

This was the city’s first ever inter-school spell bee competition and we got a very favourable response from the participant schools, management and their faculty.

We have now developed a mobile app based on our learning which is focussed on English Learning. This app is for Users of all ages. For school students we plan to conduct competitions and Mobile events on the App so that they can test their verbal skills.

Schools We have worked with:

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