In the wake of the Global pandemic we have to accept that hiring also needs to evolve. Not Just hiring the entire process of selection to training to actually working remotely is a foreign concept which 99% of the companies arent prepared for.

Companies are struggling to survive due to the losses suffered and many are shutting shop. Revenues are at an all time low for many companies.


This period in our history more than any has to be the one which pays off our demographic dividend. As an economy we have the manpower to create demand and provide the supply for said demand.

  • But how do we do this. As someone wisely said that we need to be ‘Self-Dependent’. Even our Companies destiny is in our own hand.
  • Modifying HR processes is essential to continue business in a productive and profitable manner.
  • Identifying and understanding when where and who to hire to get maximum return.
  • The job market is very volatile right now. But understanding and utilizing this volatility will provide impetus for growth.

The Journey So Far:

We have worked with 100s of companies in the past in the pre-pandemic era for hiring for permanent, short-term and temporary staff. As a pilot project we worked with a few companies post pandemic to understand how the process of hiring can be improved and modified in the current scenario. We did face hardships initially. But we have now successfully started placing candidates again and also providing support to Companies to adjust their Hiring and Training of new recruits.

Companies we have worked with: