Employment, or rather the lack of employment has become a major problem in India. India’s job problem is one of the hottest and most contested topics- a topic that has the capability to topple governments in India. The ‘job problem’ can be suitably termed as- “A Complicated Condition Created by a Combination of Causes”.

Our focus is on College students. Theoretically a student who has studied in a decent college in India and has obtained the necessary learnings and tools should be able to get a respectable employment and become a part of Corporate India. But the reality couldn’t be further away from this. What could be the reason for this? The reasons are manifold:

  • Ability to apply concepts learnt in a practical manner
  • Job Opportunities are few and far between and they don’t get exposed to enough of them to have a good chance of getting placed.
  • Communication/English Skills play a major role in selection, and many are found wanting in this department.
  • Focus on placements is less as the institute is more focussed on basic tasks of teaching and completing syllabus


  • Skill based training for students which will focus on practical aspect of the syllabus covered in subjects.
  • Using tools used in our Spell Bee Program we will work on developing soft skills of students to a level acceptable by corporate standards.
  • Corporate interaction via industry seminars, events and talk shows in college premises will be conducted to broaden exposure and understanding of students.
  • Corporate projects and internships to be conducted during college tenure to get first hand experience of company working culture and how to survive in industry.
  • Placements becoming a focus for institute and students getting multiple opportunities to get placed in a company of their choice.


Stumanco as a brand has worked with over 30 educational institutes where we focussed in the field of internships. We have a strong belief that internships are a must for students whilst studying in college. We have also organized the Worlds Largest Internship Fair in Ahmedabad with over 10,000 students and over 100 companies participating.

We plan to continue conducting meaningful internship Programmes which will be mutually beneficial for Companies as well as students.

Colleges We have worked with: