We have conducted Spell Bees across schools in the country. After thorough understanding of English competence amongst students we have come to a realization that the difference in English learning and understanding is too gigantic between metros like Bangalore and non-metro cities. We are now focussed on transforming English language learning in Cities and towns in India where no one focuses on. Throughout India, there is a wide disparity between rural and urban school students in terms of English learning and comprehension. A majority of the rural youth spend their formative years speaking their mother tongues or other regional languages, with little exposure to spoken English. As proficiency in English has become an essential requirement for getting good jobs or even studying abroad, it is useful to start cultivating English language skills from an early age. At Stumanco, our mission is to transform English language learning in cities and towns in India that do not have such facilities. We have already conducted several spell bees across schools and neighbourhoods in the country.


Stumanco is a brand name for Student Management Circle. Student Management Circle started out with working in Bangalore, by partnering with colleges and providing students with internship opportunities in corporates and start-ups.

They have also conducted the Bangalore Spell Bee and other inter-school spell bee competitions to enhance student learning and understanding of the English language.

SMC also conducted the world record attempt at the World’s Largest internship Fair in Ahmedabad with over 10,000 participants and over 100 MNCs, SMEs and start-ups coming under one roof for a massive event and collaboration.

They have got investments from a private investor and went on to expand their platform.

Currently SMC is working to build a better India with its three-pronged focus on schools, colleges and corporates.

Stumanco Mobile App has been developed with an aim to improve English by way of daily practise.

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